Yellow Bird was a lonely Vietnamese bird who was born on January 24th, 1867. He rose to popularity because of his amazing flight skills, his extensive rock collection and his creation of the tin kazoo. He died on October 8th, 1933, when he fell off a building because his wings fell off. Like his many acquaintances, he was resurrected on May 9th, 2004, as a mascot for kids.

Youth Ages (1867 - 1899) Edit

Yellow Bird was a good boy in school who got straight A's. His parents rewarded him for his good boy points. This would go on until he got to collage to study aerodynamics. He did not fail but he did not do so amazing either. He would study harder then he ever needed to. Yellow Bird was in his dorm room when he whistled into a grass. He desided to craft a tin cylinder which would conduct the same sound. This would be the creation of the Tin Kazoo on September 9th, 1899. He would grow rather famous within his collage.