Red Monster Edit


Red Monster is an ascended copy of Elmo. Created on September 11th, 1776, Red Monster was created by Vladimir Putin in an attempt to escape the prisons of Kangaroo Island. Red Monster was to be used as a destraction to fool the Russians because they love the color red. Red Monster left Russia in 1945 to fly to Northern Syria. Sadly, Red Monster never made it to Syria, because the plane crashed into a large hill. He is remembered for being a man of strong heart and even stronger sexual lust. As of 2004, Red Monster was resurrected in the form of a birthday mascot, to entertain little boys and girls around the world.

Russian Days as a Wee Lad Edit

Red Monster spent his days as an electrician's apprentice from age 4 to 17. at age 18, he became the official Russian

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Whore because he ate more cock than the other bitches. He was arrested by the sandwich police at age 23 because he had no licence plate on his Lamborghini. He was deported to the Ashfield Institute because there were no more prisons in all of Russia. Red Monster met his wife in jail, by the name of Abby Cadabby. They spent most of their jail time together in one cell. Red Monster escaped jail at age 45.

Life back in Russia Edit

At age 46, Red Monster returned to his homeland to meet with his former buddies. Abby Cadaby went with him, too. At age 48, he met his best friend Blue Monster. They spent most of their time drinking beer and playing Ping Pong together. At age 52, Red Monster married Abby Cadaby. They spent the rest of their lives together in a one room shack near the east. At age 70, Red Monster was alerted to go to Northern Syria to sign a contract, which would allow Red Monster to own the entirety of Sullivan Tire. He got on his flight at midnight, July 17th, 1945. His flight crashed because of there being absolutely no pilot. for the next 60 years, Red Monster's disappearance was unknown until a man by the name of Matpat unraveled the mystery.

Modern Times Edit

On May 9th, 2004, Red Monster was resurrected in the form of an entertaining, furry, costume for kids. This plan was mixed for most audiences, but there was nothing else to do. As of 2018, Red Monster still entertains kids at the ripe age of 242 years.