Blue Monster is a Russian, similar to Red Monster. Blue Monster was born on August 8th, 1887. Blue Monster is know for creating the Chubby Bunny Challange in 1902. He met Red Monster in 1934. For the rest of his life, Blue Monster was praised for what he had started. On March 7th, 1967, Blue Monster was crushed by an over-sized fruit loop. Blue Monster was resurrected, along with Red Monster, on May 9th 2004.

Youth Ages (1887 - 1902) Edit

Blue Monster played with building blocks in his spare time as a young boy. He loved them so much that he built a fort of building blocks outside of his shack, crushing his dad when it fell. This moment would leave a mark on Blue Monster's soul. His Mom was a cook, which meant Blue Monster never had to make himself food until he became famous. On April 4th, 1895, Blue Monster ate his first cookie. This was noted in Blue Monster's autobiography to be Where his life really started.

" It was that bite that started my very existence. God had shot the gun and the race had started. It started slow with a cookie a week, and sped up gradually from a cookie every other day, to a cookie every day, to, finally, a cookie every other hour"
On June 30th, 1900, Blue Monster's family went on a vacation to Alaska. While there, his mother had frozen to death in the northern mountains. Alone and stranded, Blue Monster had to build his own civilization to survive until someone came to help him. From 1900 to 1901, Blue Monster had to live on his own. However, he as saved on March 2nd, 1901, by a fearless explorer named Yellow Bird. Together they flew back to Russia safely.
"Twas the day of much sorrow, June 30th, 1900. Me and my loving mother flew to Alaska for a vacation. Unfortunately, My Mother slipped off a mountain and froze to death in an iceberg. From that day forward, I had to care for myself, like a normal human. Such a struggle."

Growth in popularity (1902 - 1960) Edit

On July 9th, 1902, Blue Monster slipped a cookie in his mouth when saying Chubby Bunny. This began the trend of the Chubby Bunny Challenge. This began Blue Monster's rise in popularity. He was so famous he bought himself a 5 star restaurant dedicated to serving cookies.

"I was eating marshmallows rather rapidly, when I slipped 3 in my mouth while saying 'Chubby Bunny'. I shared this event with my mates, and I became know as the Chubby Bunny. I was rewarded with a 5 star restaurant, which served me cookies whenever I wanted or needed."
On August 29th, 1957, Blue Monster wrote a 500 page autobiography about every little thing that happened in his life which lead to his rise. The book was a world classic as of 1967, the year of Blue Monster's death.

Death and resurrection (1967 - present day) Edit

On March 7th, 1967, Blue Monster was walking on his way to his restaurant. when he was crushed to death by a large Fruit Loop. He was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. On May 9th, 2004, Blue Monster was resurrected and reunited with Red Monster, his best friend. He returned in the form of a childish mascot for kids. He hasn't died again yet.